Create Lasting Memories at Hotel Le Roi's Event Space


Whether it's for hosting a corporate conference, a lively meeting, or a beautiful wedding, our event hall in Dehradun is the ideal venue for creating memorable moments.Situated within Hotel Le Roi, this 3000 sq. ft. space can comfortably accommodate a crowd of 120-150 guests, ensuring that your event is both grand and intimate. Equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and air-conditioning, our event hall is designed to provide the utmost comfort and connectivity, making it one of the best places for gatherings in Dehradun. So, for an experience that combines convenience, elegance, and modern amenities, look no further than our event hall at Hotel Le Roi, Dehradun.


A well-appointed restaurant setting with tables set with fine china and glassware, surrounded by natural light and greenery.


A cozy lounge area with green velvet sofas, wooden chairs, and decorative plants, providing a comfortable and stylish seating arrangement.