Dehradun - the 'Gateway to Mussoorie'

Discover the tranquill beauty of Dehradun, the 'Gateway to Mussoorie,' a city that seamlessly combines nature, culture, and education. Dehradun, located in the Doon Valley and surrounded by the beautiful Himalayas, is well-known for its picturesque surroundings, which include the famous Robber's Cave, Sahastradhara, and Malsi Deer Park. The city is also known for its prominent educational institutions, including the Indian Military Academy and the Forest Research Institute. Dehradun's vibrant culture, including festivals, temples, and bustling marketplaces, contributes to its allure. Dehradun is an excellent choice for people looking for a balance of relaxation and adventure. Make your stay comfortable and convenient at Hotel Le Roi in Dehradun, which is only 0.4 kmĀ from the railway station. Our hotel provides 36 tastefully decorated rooms, designed to accommodate both business and leisure travelers, ensuring a memorable experience in the heart of this beautiful city.


A majestic fallow deer with spotted fur and broad, palmate antlers standing in a grassy field with a forest backdrop.

A small, playful waterfall flowing under a pedestrian bridge in a park, with surrounding greenery and recreational structures.

Aerial view of a lush green mountainous landscape shrouded in mist with a winding river in a deep valley.