Delhi - Where History Meets Culture

Renowned for its powerful historical background and cultural significance, New Delhi - the capital city of India has predominantly become one of the most sought-after tourist hotspots in the country. The city houses numerous monuments that rekindle the memories of the colonial era. The monuments speak aloud the historical instances of the bygone years and are magnificently constructed, adding to its beauty and charm.

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Red Fort

For nearly 200 years (until 1857) the Red Fort was the residence of Mughal Emperors, constructed by the 5th Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The monument is built in red sandstone and houses a row of pavilions which flaunt a blend of Timurid and Persian traditions. Every year on Independence Day, the Prime Minister of India hoists the national flag and delivers a speech which is broadcasted nationally.

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India Gate

Originally known as the All India War Memorial, the India Gate was built to commemorate the Indian martyrs who lost their lives during the First World War. The memorial is renowned for its architecture and is often compared to the triumphal Arch of Constantine, outside the Colosseum in Rome. Every evening, the memorial is illuminated, adding onto its glory and beauty.

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Qutb Minar

The tallest brick minaret in the world, Qutb Minar is a scintillating monument built by the Ghori (Mamluk) Dynasty. The monument is about 73 meters long and is beautifully constructed with bricks covered with iron carvings in which verses from the Qu'ran are engraved. The complex also houses the famous Iron Pillar, known for its metallurgical curiosity.

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Lotus Temple

A Bahá'í House of Worship built in 1986, the Lotus Temple is a magnificent architectural delight, renowned for its flower-like shape composed of free-standing marble-clad "petals" arranged in clusters. It serves as the Mother Temple of the Indian subcontinent and is home to copious visitors from all around the globe.

The other noteworthy historical monuments in the city include Lodhi Gardens, Salimgarh Fort, Safdarjung's Tomb, Jama Masjid, ISKCON Temple, National Museum, Jantar Mantar, and many more.

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