Water Sports Activities in Tehri



Jet Skiing

Course through the vast blue waters right in front of our property. Go jet skiing to relish a delightful, exhilarating experience. Enjoy the complete thrill along with pleasing sights of the locale, under the watchful guidance of our staff.

Price: Rs 500 per guest for a 3 km ride



Traverse the blue waters of Tehri Lake. Kayak through the serene lake to enjoy a reviving experience. Explore the vast waters for sights that will never be forgotten. Back on the shore, you have an exciting tale to tell everyone.

Price: Rs 1000 per guest for a short ride




Hop onto our boats and we'll take you on a joyous ride on Lake Tehri to the famed floating huts. With a dedicated team, we ensure that your safety is always prioritised. Have a safe and merry adventure!

Price: Small boat - 3000/- (1-5 guest)
           Big Boat - 6000/- (1-10 guests)


Big Boats

We take you on a cheerful ride on Lake Tehri in a bigger and more comfortable boat to the floating huts and Dobra Bridge. You get to enjoy the refreshing breeze, the staggering views and the warm sunshine along with the pleasure and luxury of our smooth ride!

Small boat - 3000/- (1-5 guest)
Big Boat - 6000/- (1-10 guests)

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Water Zorbing

Step into our zorbs and go on a fun stroll on the water. Gain a unique perspective of the beauty of Lake Tehri. You are always under our vigilant care, so you can lay back, roll over and have as much as fun as you want!

Price: Rs 500 per person